Welcome to our English Club!

We are a vibrant and creative community of like-minded people.
During our meetings you can discuss burning issues, find new friends and, last but not least, have a cup of tea in a good company!

Our main goals:
- improve your communication & interaction skills in a supportive and enjoyable environment;
- enrich your lexical repertoire;
- practice impromptu speaking;
- challenge your creative thinking;
- find interesting people to talk to;
- have a good time in a nice company!
Typical meeting:
- Our club meets on the last Friday of every month at 16.30 p.m.
- Meetings last for 60-90 min (hosted by a lovely moderator who will guide you on how to interact on the topic of the session and help you when you are lost or stuck).
- Level of English: B2+ - ∞

- don't be afraid to come! There are no grades when you go to our English club. You don't need to be shy or afraid to speak because there is no wrong answer.
- be ready to have a great time ( and bring some biscuits for our tea break)

Join the club and have fun! ↓
English Club
All the details are in our VK group
Добро пожаловать в студенческий разговорный клуб английского языка ФИЯиР МГУ!

Мы предлагаем практику английского языка с интересными собеседниками!

У нас ты сможешь:
- практиковать английский в непринуждённой атмосфере;
- расширить и активизировать словарный запас по нетривиальным темам; узнать новые конструкции из материалов встречи, а также слушая других участников
- выражать с легкостью свои мысли на английском;
- научиться слушать других и гармонично "вливаться" в дискуссию;
- взаимодействовать с другими участниками в парах/тройках/мини-группах;
- знакомиться и весело проводить время с единомышленниками!

Дата и время:
Каждая последняя пятница месяца (16.30-18.00), аудитория 314

В роли ведущей выступает выпускница и преподаватель ФИЯиР Юлия Александровна Гущина
The first session of the FFL FM club is behind us!

What a lovely evening we all spent together!

It was delightful to see some familiar faces and meet new people at our event!

New connections were built, fondest memories and amazing stories were shared.

Nastya, Yana, Diana, Katarina, Stella, Sergei, Valery, Frank - thank you so much for joining!

Now we all know how to beat the autumn blues.

I've fallen in love with your energy and enthusiasm and hope to see you all again and again!
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